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Reports from the Field

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HJ Global News

HJ Global News
HJ Global News (10. 31. 2020)
Date created : 2020-10-31/ Views : 2689

Weekly Hyo Jeong Global News - Saturday, October 31, 2020




Greetings everyone and welcome to a new edition of HJ Global News begins here. As previously reported, after the victory of Vision 2020 True Mother reorganized our institutions and presented an action plan for the 2nd 7-year course, and so we are in the middle of setting up new mission goals and activities, here in the HJ Cheonwon Complex. This week we have a special on the victory of the 1st Cosmic Canaan 7 year course and the hopeful new beginning of the 2nd course. So let's share the highlights of this providential time.


1. 특집 _ 7년노정 정리, 비전2027 출발


비디오 / 자막








천일국 기원절 선포

암흑 -> 여명 -> 광명


Based on the vision and tradition established by True Father, under

True Mother, Cheon Il Guk culture and life have blossomed and are now bearing fruit!

Starting with a prayer on Cheon Il Guk’s Foundation Day,

the light of hyeojeong shone brightly on this dark world.

Heaven’s sovereignty is seen in the bright morning as

the day of the heavenly unified world is established. The day of the heavenly cosmos is soon approaching.


Celebrating True Mother's Victorious Seven-Year Cosmic Canaan Course

Towards a New Beginning for 2027

Become the light of the world through a filial heart!





Since True Father’s ascension…

every day, experiencing intense sun, rain, windy weather and snowstorms, True Mother remained mourning in prayer beside True Father’s tomb.


She then crossed 5,600 kilometers by bus from Las Vegas to New

York and then visited twelve well known peaks in the Swiss Alps in a devotional journey, a way of promising to bring about the settlement of Cheon Il Guk on earth during her lifetime.


I will bring about the settlement of Cheon Il Guk during my lifetime.


True Mother set out on an unstoppable

hope-filled march towards the restoration of seven nations.

Just as God had intended, she educated prepared righteous men,

even though everyone else thought it was impossible. 

Muslim nations opened and the providence of restoration on the national level unfolded in rapid succession.


True Mother went around the earth dozens of times during the year, despite the harsh conditions and physical stress.

Feeling God’s pain, humanity’s pain, and reflecting on the ideal of creation, she spoke of heavenly nations and heavenly continents.


Notably, the providence of restoration condensed into a forty-day Cosmic Canaan Course; True Mother has gained victory over her final devotional course of difficulties and adversities, which no one in history has ever gone through. 


True Mother celebrated the 100th anniversary of True Father’s birth and the sixtieth anniversary of their Holy Wedding with seven thousand leaders and heads of state from 171 nations

who focused their intellect on “Realizing World Peace and the Reunification of the Korean Peninsula through Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values”

Finally, on the foundation of the national restoration of more than seven nations, the restoration of seven religious denominations and the restoration of a continent, True Mother declared the “Day of the Establishment of Cheon Il Guk”.


I declare True Parents’ settlement of Cheon Il Guk.

I declare the settlement of Cheon Il Guk in 2020!





5 8

하늘부모님성회 선포

천주성혼 60주년 기념 특별집회

천력 4 16( 5.8)

천주성혼 60주년 기념 특별집회

Special Meeting to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the Cosmic Holy Wedding

천력 4 16( 5.8)

May 8

Looking back, True Mother offered the miraculous day of the victory of vision 2020 and began a new era in the establishment of Cheon Il Guk so that all humankind can attend and live with Heavenly Parent.

True Mother

I am announcing Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, in which everyone in the world can live together under one flag.







1 신통일세계 안착을 위한 100 희망전진대회

First “One-Million-Person Rally of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly

Unified World.”

반기문 유엔 사무총장




[자막] 훈센 캄보디아 수상

마키 세네갈 대통령

브리기 라피니 니제르 수상

지미 모랄레스 과테말라 대통령 / 알프레도 모이시우 알바니아 대통령 / 스티븐 하퍼 캐나다 수상



Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia/

President Macky Sall of Senegal /

Prime Minister Brigi Rafini of Niger/

Jimmy Morales Former President of Guatemala / Alfred Moisiu Former President of Albania / Stephen Harper Former Prime Minister of Canada











A new challenge started with the name Heavenly Parent's Holy Community! True Parents turned the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, which brought us blockades and disconnection, into an opportunity and began the era of the “One-Million-Person Rally of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly

Unified World.”


President Macky Sall of Senegal

Self-centeredness is not an option

if we are to bring victory.

Rather, we need to work in solidarity and

human fraternity, as UPF has always done.


Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia

Cambodia is ready to contribute to

this noble goal with all stakeholders.


True Mother

We said that Heaven, our God and Creator,

is love. We said that he is our parent.

I earnestly hope and give my blessings that during this

time today you can teach all the nations of the world

and their citizens how to attend Heavenly Parent.

Thank you.


Broadcasters, 188 of them from 150 nations, transmitted live and 200 million people around the world watched through online streaming. This was a testament that in this era of blessing, the consciousness and lives of thousands of people can be reformed; it was the largest expansion in providential history.






문선명 천지인참부모 천주성화 8주년기념 천보대축제

Cheonbo Grand Festival to commemorate the

Eighth anniversary of True Father’s Holy Ascension



천주성화 8주년 기념식

천력 717(9.4)

Eighth anniversary of True Father’s Holy Ascension

Sept. 4



각권역, 가정 경배 기념

2 효정문화특별공연

Part 2: Special Hyojeong Cultural Festival


3 효정문화공연

Part 3: Hyojeong Cultural Festival


To celebrate the eighth anniversary of True Father’s Holy Ascension, with love and longing, united in heart, the Cheonbo festival was prepared in forty days.

True Mother’s seven years of sincere jeongseong and love could be felt during this ceremony’s multiple-faceted live broadcast.


Blessed families from over 190 of the world’s countries gathered in their respective centers, offering their dedication.


Together, we could all share in this gracious event, allowing us to inherit our True Parents’ traditions and love.





2 신통일세계 안착을 위한 100 희망전진대회

The Second Rally of Hope for the Establishment of a Heavenly Unified World

천력 811(9.27)

Sept. 27


       참어머님 말씀

True Mother










The Second Rally of Hope for the Establishment of a Heavenly Unified World was the platform through which individuals, families, groups and nations connected.


A new leap forward has been made through the PEACELINK.


I hope that people from all over the world, through nature, can experience living in happiness. I hope that with your leaders, you can create heaven on earth together.

Today’s rally is one amongst the six pillars of the Universal Peace Federation, centered on the International Summit Council for Peace and the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, which seek to combine the wisdom of heads of state and dignitaries from different nations to bring about a world of Interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. 


The word of life, which awakened humanity's true heart, is spreading to people around the world in 182 countries.

Under the banner of the Heavenly Parents' Holy Community, we can change the landscape and the flow of the world.

Announcing the arrival of a great turning point in the providence




- 천승전 그랜드 봉헌식

Cheon Seung Jeon Grand Dedication Ceremony

천력 9 12(9.28)




- 한원집 봉헌식 기념오찬

천력 9 12(9.28)

Dedication of the Hanwon Korean House and Commemorative Luncheon

Sept. 28

The Hyojeongcheonwon is slowly developing into the new Eden, the kingdom of heaven on earth.


As such, Cheon Seung Jeon was offered to celebrate the victory of True Father in the spiritual world and True Mother on earth in completing the cosmic seven-year Canaan course.


True Mother commemorated True Parents’ lives and accomplishments so we can inherit the grace from Heaven through this holy ground.


Through the dedication of the Hanwon House, where Heavenly Parent experiences happiness year-round, she reminded blessed families what it means to live a life of filial piety by attending Heavenly Parent at every moment.















참어머님 말씀

True Mother





The Festival to Celebrate the 8th Anniversary of the Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and the Special Blessing to Commemorate

True Parents' Centenary and the 60th anniversary of their Holy Wedding ended in a grand Cheonbo Festival.


Cheonbo families lived life focused on God’s will rather than personal acknowledgement and worldly wealth. Today, they received recognition for their beautiful tear-filled stories. They have now completed their mission as Cheon Il Guk citizens.


Dr. Young-ho Yun, Director-General of the FFWPU International Headquarters

Thank you for your hard work!

We are very proud of you.

We deeply thank you.



The Cheonbo registry is a list of 3,154 couples from across the seven continents. Cheonbo families, heavenly treasures, received the Cheonbo medal from True Parents.


We celebrated this day online with leaders from all over the world. True Mother, who had long hoped for this day, shared a message of love.


True Mother


We have waited so long for this day!

For those who have been registered as Cheonbo couples,

I wish that you are respected and beloved by future generations as great noble families for eternity.


After True Father’s Seonghwa, not wanting to lose anyone, she embraced all with love. True Mother had promised victory and glory and her endless tears bore fruit through this historic day.

The seven hundred couples from forty different countries that received the vision 2020 special blessing

thanked True Parents for the grace of starting new lives as blessed families during the era of the settlement of Cheon Il Guk.




















As promised to God, they dedicated all their victories

and then completed the entire schedule for 2020.


True Mother

As I walked through the seven-year course, I knew I had to overcome many things.

I am calling all families who have been inducted as Cheonbo, and all

other blessed families to work with me in restoring at least one-third of


My sincere hope is that by 2027, on the sixtieth Heavenly Parent’s Day,

you will all be able to report to Heavenly Parent,

Though our offering is insufficient, we

did our very best.”


By re-establishing the organization and line of Cheon Il Guk,

she paved the way for a victorious second Seven-Year Cosmic Canaan Course.


True Mother


I plan to strengthen the international headquarters.

That is why I appoint Yun Young-ho as director-general of the FFWPU

International Headquarters.


HJ Global News - News of the Week, 24 October 2020

Special Report - Yun Young-ho as Director-General of the FFWPU

International Headquarters.


True Mother's vision for the providence toward Vision 2027 and its direction are very clear.

“It is the safe settlement of a heavenly, unified Korea” and “the safe settlement if a heavenly unified world.”

Thus, the ideal of creation that Heavenly Parent had wished for is the realization of “One Human Family under Heavenly Parent,”   

and the establishment on earth of the cosmic nation of peace and unity, which will cause the gates to a heavenly cosmos to open.

True Parents have established a global organization

and reorganized heavenly Korea into nine special “continents.”

She also implemented the Cheon Eui Won system in each continent

by appointing the most respected person in each continent.

The elder first-generation members, the second-generation continental leaders and third-generation vice-continental leaders were asked to work together in mutual cooperation.

She provided them a rock, a guideline, a foundation–the heavenly law of Cheon Il Guk.

Thirteen continental presidents, including five new Korean co-continental presidents received their appointments.

True Parents granted the authority to have continent-led and state-led Blessing Ceremonies!

Now, True Parents’ realm of victory

through the Cheon Il Guk leaders in the nine continental regions, the cheonbo families, and blessed families

will open the door for the future of Cheon Il Guk, an eternal boundless light. 







대륙 희망전진




하늘품에 안기신


Like the Pacific blue water that is infinitely horizontal

Like the Himalayan holy mountains that rise high into the sky

The unchanging filial piety for heaven and for mankind, Cheon Il

Guk love, sheds light on all.

Now we will become owners of the country we build

and see a new day in which all humanity becomes one human

family in Heavenly Parent’s embrace.

Beloved True Parents,

receive the glory and may peace be upon you!


Hyojeong toward Heaven becoming the Light of the World

Vision 2027: Towards the Victorious Settlement of a Heavenly


Unified Korea and a Heavenly Unified World!




2.  Mission News

We have some incoming news from the mission field, where the sovereignty of good is expanding on Earth and in the Spiritual World.


Tribal Messiah Activities

HJ CheonBo Special Workshop Schedule for 2020, Autumn Hyojeong CheonBo Great Works

October 24–25

The 2020 Autumn Hyojeong CheonBo Great Works,

an online video workshop took place on October 8th and 9th. Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic, more than 50,000 family members from 39 countries participated in it.

A great deal of effort has been made for the victorious completion of the Cheonbo family registration providence.

A great grace unfolded as True Mother, the substantial Holy Spirit, presided over the ancestor liberation, the blessing ceremony, the CheonBo Great Works, and the spiritual word­–physical world Blessing Ceremony.

Through the CheonShimwon Prayer Meeting, the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune, and the Tree of All Things prayer meeting, participants resolved and pledged to achieve the Cheonbo Blessed Family Victory Day for Vision 2027.




Korea Religious Association:

10th Edition of the Interreligious Peace Cup

24 October, World Cup Stadium, Suwon

The Korean Religious Association organized the 10th Peace Cup for Interreligious Peace.

It was a true moment of sharing and inter-religious harmony during which the participants gathered around a ball. They also donated bags of rice and other goods to help children in poor families and North Korean defectors.



Other Highlights

This week several inaugural ceremonies took place for new leaders, in accordance with True Mother’s recent leadership reorganization.


The Inaugural Ceremony for Rev. Lee Gi-seong, President of the Cheon Shim Won and President of FFWPU-Heavenly Korea


The inaugural ceremony of Mr. Lee Ki-seong, the new director of Cheon Shim Won and former president of FFPMU-Korea took place at HJ Cheonju Cheonbo Center.

Lee Ki-sung, President of the Heavenly Korea and Cheon Shim Won, made some remarks and delivered his inaugural speech.

By understanding the heart of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind, we can prevent spiritual confusion among Cheon Il Guk citizens.

"I will do my best to ensure that the eternal sovereignty centered only on our True Parents is established in this land."

Ms. McDevitt Jeong Wonju, Head of the True Mother's Secretariat and Dr. Yun Young-ho, Director of the International Headquarters, then explained in depth the significance of Cheon Shim Won, and congratulated Rev. Lee on his appointment.



-Inaugural ceremony of Professor, Gil Yeong-hwan, President of the Cheonbo Education Center

October 30

On the same day in the afternoon, we had the Inauguration ceremony of Professor, Gil Yeong-hwan, President of Cheonbo Education Center

True Parents established the World Cheonbo Education Headquarters, which is dedicated to completing the three great blessings and providing the professional education needed to enter Cheonbowon. The B-block of the Chinhwa Building will be called the "Cheonbo Education Center” of which President Gil is to be the head.

In his inaugural speech, he expressed that he will do his best to expand the vision of the cheonbo families.

will establish Cheonbo Family churches and expand them around the world.


Rev. Lee Gi-seong, President of the Cheon Shim Won

True Mother said we shouldn’t live without light or name

rather, we should live diligently and leave behind a name and light [be remembered]

So, in order to make these words of True Mother come true

I will do jeongseong and my best to fulfill my responsibility as the president of Cheon Shim Won.



Professor, Gil Yeong-hwan, President of the Cheonbo Education Center & World Cheonbo Education Headquarters


We will help registered Cheonbo families and for those preparing to register

through specialized education we will do our best to

make them feel the beauty of being registered and to register.

Mother, don’t worry, I will do my very best.



Dr. Yun Young-ho as Director-General of the FFWPU International Headquarters


True Mother said that when we discover the will of Heaven and develop our hearts and minds, Cheon Il Guk will truly settle down.

That's why True mother said that Cheon Shim Won is the most important.

Director Ki-seong Lee has been appointed as the first president of Cheon Shim Won.



Ms. McDevitt Jeong Wonju, Head of True Mother's Secretariat


We must absolutely establish God's original homeland and a heavenly, unified world that attends our Heavenly Parent.


For this, I wish once again that we make Cheon Shim Won the center of all our devotions



The leaders of Cheon Il Guk who attended on this day expressed the joy of a new start toward the settlement of Cheon Il Guk, centering on Cheon Shim Won while sharing their vision for establishing a heavenly unified Korea.


The Inaugural Ceremony for Lee Hyun-young as president of UPF Korea

October 27, the Cheonpadong Family Federation Building

Eleven heads of providential organizations including Chair Moon Yeon-ah attended the inaugural ceremony of Lee Hyun-young,  

as president of UPF Korea, as did the heads of five regional UPF chapters, heads of metropolitan and provincial branches across the country and ambassadors for peace—all together around 60 people.

Director Lee said, "According to True Mother's teachings, the future is endless, depending only on the size of our dreams. Let's spread our True Parents' dream to the world and achieve vision of 2027."


Inauguration ceremony Kim Hang-jae as the 22nd chairman of the Korea Religious Association

October 27, Cheongpa-dong Family Federation Building


At the same time, the ceremony for Kim Hang-jae, as the 22nd President of the Korea Religious Association took place. Senior members of the Korean religious community and 100 representatives of religious groups gathered for this event. President Kim said, "I will fulfill his mission of opening the door to inter-religious dialogue among religious groups."



- Heavenly Korea, Senior Pastors' Autobiography Publishing Conference

October 21, Cheongpa-dong Family Federation Building

In Korea, older brothers who were always at the forefront of the pastoral mission produced and had published a compilation of their autobiographies. The Senior Pastors' Association thanked and praised True Parents for the opportunity to publish Acts the Apostles of the Cheon Il Guk Era. They also renewed their commitment to establishing of a Heavenly Unified Korea.


- Heavenly Korea, Seminar and Commemorative Service for the Blessing of the Five Great Saints

October 18, Cheongpa-dong Family Federation Building


A seminar and service took place in Korea to commemorate the Blessing of the 5 great saints, which elevated Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Socrates to the rank of blessed families. They studied the meaning of the True Parents' providence, the liberation of the spiritual world and the Blessing, in order to foster Blessing efforts among different religions.



The love of True Parents for God and Humanity has made providential breakthroughs possible as never before in history. Now is the time for blessed families to firmly stand up, liberate their ancestors, spread our vision to the world and become Cheonbo families of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. That is all for today, thank you for tuning in and have a wonderful week.