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Reports from the Field

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True Peace Magazine

[2015-4]TP Magazine April Issue
[ Views : 167 ]

[2015-4]TP Magazine April Issue

Main Contents
1. True Father’s message: “The coming of the Age of Women”
2. True Mother’s address: Foundation Day, The victorious commemoration of the second anniversary of Foundation Day,2015 Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly
3. Sun-jin nim's  adress : The FFWPU International President's Inaugural Adress 
4. News from the regions: UPF Japan hosts Baron Nazir Ahmed from the British House of Lords on speaking tour, FFWPU activities in the Republic of the Congo, Interview with recipient of 40-year missionary award

[2015-3]TP Magazine March Issue
[ Views : 188 ]

[2015-3]TP Magazine March Issue

Main Contents
1. True Father’s message: “The Restoration of Our True God’s Homeland”
2. True Mother’s address at the luncheon for senior church members in Korea
3. Sun-jin nim’s Congratulatory Address at the Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in the Philippines
4. News from the regions: Remembering True Father’s visit to Japan on the first world tour, US national outreach activity in Hawaii, Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal’s address at the Asia Summit 2015 

[2015-2]True Peace Magazine February Issue E-Book
[ Views : 203 ]

[2015-2]True Peace Magazine February Issue E-Book

◎ Main Contents
1. True Father's Message: "God’s True Love and Restoring the Relationship with Heaven, Earth and Humankind”
2. True Mother's Message: True Mother's Address to the Witnessing Team in Las Vegas
3. Special Feature: "Second-Generation Members Leading the Providence"
4. News from regions: Happy Family Program in Japan, WFWP Italy recognized by Ukrainian community, Timor-Leste Donates to the Sunhak Peace Prize

[2015-1]True Peace Magazine January Issue E-Book
[ Views : 191 ]

[2015-1]True Peace Magazine January Issue E-Book

◎ Major Articles 
1. True Father’s Message - The midnight prayer on the forty-third anniversary of True God’s Day, and the message on the ninth anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony for God’s Kingship on January 1, 2010.
2. True Mother’s Message - Her messages at the banquet for loyal Japanese members that had contributed to the global providence, and at the ACLC national convocation
3. Special Feature - True Parents’ Wish and Our Mandate from Heaven
4. News from regions: East Asia’s Security and Prospects for Japan-Europe Cooperation, Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities in Thailand, Pan-American Tongil Moo Do Tournament in Paraguay

- True Peace Magazine December Issue E-Book -
[ Views : 228 ]

- True Peace Magazine December Issue E-Book -

◎ Major Articles 
1. True Father’s Message – The mission of tribal messiahs
2. True Mother’s Message – Her views regarding the Cheonji Sunhak Won
3. Speech by the International President of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, Moon Yeon-ah, at the National Pastors’ Assembly
4. News from regions – The 2014 Multicultural Peace Festival, Japan’s Top Gun Workshop, Testimonies about success in the tribal messiah mission in the Philippines

[2014-11] TP Magazine November Issue
[ Views : 209 ]

[2014-11] TP Magazine November Issue

◎ Major Articles
1. True Father’s message at the Declaration of the Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth
2. True Mother’s messages during the October 1 hoondokhae and at a special meeting for church leaders
3. Specially featured – Victory for Vision 2020! Global Worship Service for the Accomplishment of Our Mission as New Tribal Messiahs
4. Messages given by Moon Sun-jin, director-general of the FFWPU International Headquarters to elder Japanese members and at a banquet commemorating the 55th anniversary of the founding of HSAUWC-Japan
5. Major regional news – Includes a testimony from a Filipino tribal messiah couple that restored 430 families

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