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Reports from the Field

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HJ Global News

HJ Global News
HJ Global News (10. 17. 2020)
Date created : 2020-10-17/ Views : 3207

HJ Global News — 17 October 2020 


Hello dear members and welcome to a new edition of HJ Global News. On October 10 and 11, the Great Cheonbo Festival took place at the Cheongshim World Peace Center. The special 2020 Blessing Ceremony and Victory Celebration of the Great Cheonbo Festival was held to commemorate the centennial of True Father’s birth, the 8th Anniversary of his Cosmic Ascension and the 60th Anniversary of True Parents' Holy Wedding. In this special edition of HJ Global News, we will look back on the messages of True Mother and the highlights of these historic events that have honored more than 3,200 Cheonbo families around the world.

1. True Mother Activities

A Great Cheonbo Festival 

10 October, Cheongshim World Peace Center

The Great Cheonbo Festival, celebrating the 8th Anniversary of True Father's Cosmic Ascension, True Parents’ Centenary and the 60th Anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding took place on October 10th at the Cheongshim World Peace Center. The event took place in accordance with coronavirus prevention measures. More than 3,200 Cheonbo families from 194 countries took part in it by following the ceremony live via a two-way video system and the Peace Link platform. Several distinguished personalities, and local and international peace ambassadors also praised the Cheonbo families. On a foundation of victory—the ceremony for the establishment of Cheon-Il Guk—3,205 families who fulfilled their mission as tribal messiahs registered in Cheonbowon and became "heavenly treasures" on this historic day.The Master of Ceremonies, Dr. Yun Young-ho, Director-General of our International Headquarters, opened the festival by extending warm greetings to the Cheonbo families, who had completed the blessing of 430 couples both vertically and horizontally, thereby receiving special grace from True Mother.

Yun Young-ho, Director-General of the FFWPU International Headquarters

It was a path where honor, wealth and prosperity were not a priority, but living with True Parents and for the Will was simply enough. Thank you very much for your hard work. We are deeply proud of you. We truly appreciate it. We sincerely congratulate you.

The Cheon-Il Guk anthem then purified the atmosphere. Then, 7 religious leaders from Korea, representing different religions and the 7 continents, led the water ceremony for peace and offered a sincere prayer to God. This was followed by a Hyo Jeong performance that reflected the heart of absolute filial piety towards God. It stirred the hearts of many blessed families. True Mother, who was waiting more than anyone else for that day, then made her entrance. She received from representatives of the 7 continents, the list of names of the 3,205 blessed families that she recognised as "Cheonbo families". She presented them with "Cheonbo Recognition plaques and shawls, symbolic elements that qualify them as Cheonbo families who have done the will of God and True Parents. This sacred ceremony took place all over the world. At the HJ Cheonwon Complex in Korea, starting from the Mother Nation of the providence, Japan, the Eldest Son Nation of the providence, the United States, Latin America, the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and Africa, the registration ceremony in Cheonbowon highlighted the moving stories of virtuous families who were blessed as full-fledged Cheon-Il Guk citizens. After receiving heartfelt greetings from the representative families, True Mother delivered a message of blessing that revealed the value of Cheonbo families whom Heaven has desired for so long. 

True Mother 

We have waited so long for this day! Our Heavenly Parent wished to realize His dream on earth, together with his children. However, the human fall has brought unspeakable, unfathomable pain to our Heavenly Parent; how difficult and painful must it have been to endure until this moment! Those who have been registered as Cheonbo couples are realising God’s original dream of a pure, holy registration in Cheonbowon as true citizens of Cheon Il Guk. Heavenly Parent’s wish and True Parents’ wish is for us to become one human family, for all humanity to attend Heavenly Parent. Families registered today in the Cheonbowon as citizens of Cheon Il Guk have responsibilities. While you are alive on earth, as Cheonbo families, you need to reflect on how you can share the blessing beyond your family members—with your neighbors, the nation and the world. Before we ascend to the eternal world, where we can be eternally free, those of you who are happily registered as Cheonbo families need to fulfill your responsibilities as families. You will be remembered in history, and I wish that future generations respect and love you as great noble families for eternity.

Mother showed her love in this way, wishing that these family members become noble people who are forever free. Prominent leaders from around the world delivered congratulatory messages. 

Congratulatory Speeches were given by:

Dan Burton, International Co-Chair of the IAPP, and his wife Samia

Alexandre-Ferdinand Nguendet, Former President of the National Transition Council of the Central African Republic

Prophet Samuel Radebe, Founder of the Revelation Church of God in South Africa

I would like to congratulate them and wish them well in their relentless efforts to practice true love and the principal of living for the sake of others. True families, you are a source of inspiration to all humanity. 

I look forward to the day when all families around the world become Cheonbo families. That will be the day on which we will all be able to live in a world of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universal values. 

Nevers Mumba, Former Vice-President of Zambia

The values of family and the sanctity of marriage are God’s ideal to use family as a prototype of peace, prosperity, and a world of peace. I therefore salute all of those that are playing this kind of role as we celebrate on this great day. 

Parmanand Jha, Former Vice-President of Nepal

I am truly, together with my wife, pleased to become a part of the worldwide UPF peace movement as one of the blessed couples, among other dignitaries of the world. Once again, we congratulate Mother Moon for her unparalleled and miraculous works throughout the world making a difference in the lives of millions.

Several high-quality artistic performances followed. This included the "Song of Hope", a song dedicated to blessed families, whose members have led lives of devotion in darkness and silence. The moment when the blessed families expressed their love and gratitude to True Mother for the grace of being "Cheonbo families" was emotional. From now on, as masters of this established nation and of the will revealed by True Parents, blessed families and Cheonbo families throughout the world will advance towards the new dawn of "one human family" with God at its Centre

Special Blessing 2020 Ceremony

10 October, Cheongshim World Peace Center

In the afternoon of the same day, the 2020 Special Blessing Ceremony took place to celebrate the centenary of the True Father’s birth and the 60th anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding. This ceremony was possible under True Mother’s special grace and blessing. Seven hundred couples from forty countries—including Korea, the United States, Japan, Germany, France, the Philippines, Australia, Sudan and Niger—attended it. The event was marked by the participation of Moon Shin-bok, son of Moon Ye-jin, from the True Family. The blessed couples who became children of God and the blessed families who became full citizens of Cheon-Il Guk expressed their gratitude to True Parents as they made a new beginning in this era of the establishment of Cheon-Il Guk.

The Victory Celebration of the Great Cheonbo Festival

October 11, Cheongshim World Peace Center

True Mother 

The gates to Cheon Il Guk, under Heaven’s governance, have opened. In that case, there also needs to be people who are qualified as the citizens of Cheon Il Guk. This qualification is not obtained simply by receiving the Blessing. There is a period of growth; that is, of duties and responsibilities. Therefore, the family’s status will be determined by how much responsibility that family takes on, and how the family does in fulfilling it. Hence, all blessed couples around the world, of course, need to fulfill their responsibilities as tribal messiahs and become couples that are inducted as Cheonbo. And they should not stop there, but continue to advance for generations to come. As Cheonbo couples, how much have you expanded your domain here on earth during this time that True Mother, God’s only begotten Daughter, has been with you? . This will become your asset in the eternal world. During a seven-year period, I visited even places people said I should not go. I did so because I know of Heavenly Parent’s dream and hope. This is because True Parents must guide all of humanity, who are like orphans, to our Heavenly Parent. Through the Blessing, True Parents must open the door through which all people can stand as Heavenly Parent’s children. It would be good if we can restore all 7.7 billion people of the world by 2027. However, through the 7-year course, I became aware of the many barriers that need to be overcome. Hence, I am calling all families who have been inducted as Cheonbo and all blessed families to work with me in restoring at least one-third of the human race. It is my sincere hope that by 2027, on the 60th Heavenly Parent’s Day, you will all be able to report to Heavenly Parent: “Though our offering is insufficient, we did our very best.” The established powers of this country are on the decline. You, on the contrary, have the full support and backing of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. What is there for you to fear? Will you abandon this country and people, whom Heaven originally wanted to bless, to simply become a people that has failed to fulfill their responsibilities? All citizens spread throughout this nation need to attend True Parents under the umbrella of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. Only when we become such a people can there be a genuinely unified Korea. In 7 years, I have created a foundation that no one could have imagined. The history of the Unification Church in this country goes back more than 60 years. Now, by investing ourselves mind and body, I want us to achieve such results so that we are able to say: "We have kept our promise to Heaven ".

Inheriting the victorious course of love set by True Parents, the celebration inspired us all to resolve to achieve victory in realizing Vision 2027. Trusting in God, Father's work in the spiritual world and Mother's guidance, we aspire to achieve a reunified Korea and a unified Heavenly World.


The new era of Cheon-Il Guk settlement, where heaven and earth are rejoicing, has now begun. We deeply thank True Mother for this immense blessing of Cheonbowon registration granted to blessed families. Now they will be remembered for generations to come, as noble families who made enormous sacrifices for God's will. It is our sincere wish that all these efforts on earth will guarantee them eternal freedom in the spiritual world. With these words we close this edition, thank you for following us, and may God bless you.